Deep-Dive Tour: LinkPoint Connect Enhanced Side Panel


Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 1:00pm EST

New release, new Side Panel! The latest LinkPoint Connect releases premiered an Enhanced Side Panel that changes how users interact with Salesforce data in Outlook. In this deep-dive tour, we'll guide attendees through each LinkPoint Connect feature, recent upgrades, differences between the Classic and Enhanced user interface, and new ways to make your teams more efficient and productive.  
Highlights include: 

   -  Single click email recording
   -  Updated design 
   -  Consolidated recording, viewing, and editing functionality 
   -  Enhanced search 
   -  Refreshed forms with support for required, dependent, and inline fields 
   -  Configured for Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects by default 
   -  Supported Salesforce Email Templates and other 7.2 Release features 

 Attendees are welcome to ask questions along the way, and we'll include time at the end for live Q&A.


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